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AIDS Solidarity Movement is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation in the Republic of Cyprus dedicated to supporting people diagnosed and/or affected by HIV/AIDS. We provide psychosocial support within and beyond the State HIV Reference Clinic, while we work closely with related healthcare professionals and authorities. Since 2015, we run "Cy Checkpoint," a Testing and Information community-based and community-led CBVCT Centre, offering rapid, anonymous and free HIV/Syphilis testing and counselling services in a welcoming, safe and non-judgemental environment, that focuses on marginalized populations. We promote Combination Prevention, disseminate free condoms and lubricants, advocate for official access to PrEP, and promote awareness and knowledge development through campaigns and trainings. We are an active member of AIDS Action Europe and Cobatest Networks, work closely with EATG, and participate in local and international projects to influence public health strategies, and advocate for human rights related to PLWH

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